NGK Plugs & Taylor SpiroPro Wires

Since I am running a semi-modified engine/exhaust setup, I replaced my stock plugs with NGK TR55's. Instead of using the factory gap setting of .060, I have the NGK's gapped to .053. While I had the plug wires off, I decided to replace them with 8mm Taylor SpiroPro racing wires.

Don't expect a monstrous horsepower gain just by replacing the plugs and wires. I did this because I have modified the engine and I want to give the engine as much potential spark as possible.

After removing the factory AC-Delco plugs that had just over 21,000 miles on the, I did notice a decent amount of carbon build up on the plugs.

If you don't want to go through the expense & trouble of replacing the plugs and wires, you should at least remove your plugs and inspect them every 20K miles and clean if necessary. Be EXTRA careful when installing the new or old plugs so you don't cross thread the engine block.

Spark Plugs & Wires are available for purchase from