Optilux / Hella Angel Eye 2500 Foglamp Installation

Tools and extra hardware needed:

  • Ratchet
  • Sockets: 7mm, 8mm, 10mm
  • 10mm open-end wrench or adjustable wrench
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Electrical tape
  • Zip ties
  • Wire strippers
  • Crimp connector / soldering iron
  • Dremel tool or hacksaw
  • SPST Micromini switch (Radio Shack # 275-645)
    1. Safely jack up the front end of the car up to give yourself more room.
    2. Disconnect your negative battery terminal using a 8mm socket and ratchet.
    3. Using a 10mm socket, remove the two nuts from the back of each of the fog lights. Set the nuts aside, we will reuse them on the install of the Optilux's.
    4. Remove each foglight, and unclip the wiring harness. Here's the stock foglight assembly:
    5. Remove the pins and wingnut to detach the bracket.

    6. Using a Dremel Tool with a heavy-duty cut-off wheel, cut the plastic bracket at the "U" shaped part to give the Blazer bracket more room.  You can use a normal hacksaw if you don't have a Dremel tool, it will just take a little bit longer.


    7. Remove the Optilux bracket from the lamp and set the bracket aside.  In order for the Optilux lamp housing to line up with the stock holes on the OEM bracket, you have to install the fog lamps upside down.   Reinsert the screws and tighten.



    8. With that done, it's time to move onto the wiring. Since the Optilux Angel Eye's have separate controls for the LED ring and fog lamp, some additional wiring is needed.

    9. Mount the relay in the drivers side fender area.  I mounted mine on the passenger side since my fan relays were there already.   Either side will work, but mounting on the passenger side will require you to extend the power lead to reach the fuse box.


      Use a self-tapping screw and drill a hole first, and then bolt down the relay with the black ring terminal underneath it.

    10. Route the power wire(with the inline 15A fuse) to the fuse junction box and connect the ring terminal to the top bolt on the junction box. You will need to use a 7mm socket to remove the nut. You will also need to widen the ring terminal hole slightly to fit over the bolt. Here is the power wire hooked up:

    11.  Route the white wire and wire-loomed wire down through the engine bay to the front bumper.
    12. The white wire is the "turn-on" wire that activates the relay for the fogs. Since we are going to keep the stock fog light switch, we need a switched 12v wire. The stock power wire from the stock foglights is perfect. Use a crimp connector or soldering iron to connect the white wire from the fog lamp wiring to the purple wire down by the fog lamp.

    13. Connect the wire-loomed wires to the foglights. The wire-loomed wires Y-split, the shorter end obviously will go to the passenger-side Blazer foglight. You will then zip-tie the other end across the back of the air dam, and over to the driver-side Blazer foglight:

    14. You are now ready to mount the foglights into the bumper. Just install the stock/modified brackets back into the stock location and re-secure the mounting bolts
    15. Now that the fog lights are connected to the OEM switch, we will need to wire up the LED ring lights.  The supplied switch wires (red & yellow) will not reach the passenger compartment, so they will need to be extended.  Route the extended wires through the grommet located behind the under hood fuse box.  Route the wire from the grommet up to the OEM fog light switch location.
    16. Carefully drill a 1/4" hole in the switch plate to mount the new toggle switch.  There's not a lot of room on the switch plate to work with, so you have to be careful.  Solder the red wire to the long terminal on the toggle switch, and the yellow wire to the short terminal.  Mount the toggle switch and replace OEM switch plate.

      *** NOTE ***
      The LED's are not controlled by the relay, so the switch is hot all the time (even when the car is turned off).  Make sure you turn off the switch when you turn off the car.   You can wire in a small LED between the switch and the yellow lead to provide a visual notification.

      OR -

      You can tie the white & yellow wires from the Optilux wiring harness to the purple fog lamp wire thus putting both lights under control of the relay.  If you choose this method, you'll still have to route that  separate switch to the inside of the car to turn off the LED's.  Snip the yellow wire and connect one end to one side of the switch, and the other end of the yellow wire to the remaining switch terminal.  This will then allow you to control the LED's by the small toggle switch.
    17. All that's left is to make sure they are aimed correctly. The Angel Eye 2500's  instructions have really good directions on how to properly adjust your foglights to the proper height.


Any questions, feel free to contact Jeremy at: Webmaster@GrandAmGT.Com