OEM Badge Swap

After looking at my car and wondering what my next visual modification was going to be, my eyes kept focusing on the badges.  The stock badges do look good with the color matching, but since I had so many other red accents on my car, it was only a matter of time before the green badges were switched to red.

badges4.jpg (13237 bytes) badges3.jpg (16407 bytes)
To remove the original badges, I first used a couple pieces of masking tape to mark my reference lines for the new badges so they would line up exactly where the original badges were.  Once the tape was on, I used a hairdryer to heat up the old badges and CAREFULLY used a screwdriver to peel the badges from the adhesive.  It is best to remove the badges from the adhesive instead of trying to remove the adhesive from the car.  Once the badge was off, I just used my fingers to peel the remaining adhesive off.  I then cleaned the area with a spray cleaner called "Goo Gone".  Before I put the new badge on, I applied a thin coat of car wax to the area to replace any wax that was removed by the cleaner.

People ask me all the time if I painted the old badges and put them back on.  You cannot remove the badge and reapply it.   Once it is off, it's no good.  Right now I have one of the original badges on my computer at work.  So at work, I drive Dell's newest PC, the Grand Am GX110  :)


A word of advice when ordering the badges, the trunk badges are a different size than the door badges.  I found this out the hard way and had to wait a couple more days for then other badges to be delivered.


Badges can be ordered from ANY GM/Pontiac dealership and usually arrive in a couple days.  Another option to replacing the OEM badges is to pick up a set of badge overlays from PartsForYourCar.com.  These are overlays cut to match the OEM badges and are available in several colors, even reflective.

If you decide to change your badges, here's what you will need:




GRAND Badges - For Door


AM Badges - For Door


GRAND Badge - For Trunk


AM Badge - For Trunk


VH60/V6Ram Air (Depending On Year Of Car (99/00-02))
Part numbers are different for all badges and colors.