Serpentine Belt Replacement
This can be completed without a trip to the dealership.  Although, if you are unsure of your skill, you are better off taking your car into the dealership and having it done.  Approx. cost for the change is $50.00.

Tools needed:

  • Floor Jack
  • 3/8" Ratchet/Breaker Bar
  • 2x4 (approx. 16")
  • 15mm Socket
  • 18mm Socket

Removal Procedure:

Remove the cruise control module


Use a 3/8" Ratchet/Breaker Bar  to rotate the drive belt tensioner in a clockwise motion.


With the floor jack snug under the oil pan (2x4 between jack and oil pan), remove the two bolts and nuts that hold the engine in place.  Slowly raise the engine so there is enough room to slip the belt through.


Remove the belt


Installation Procedure:

Slowly lower the engine back down onto the engine mount.  Make sure the holes line up so you don't strip the bolts & nuts.

Secure the engine mount plate back onto the car.

Using a 3/8" ratchet/breaker bar in order to rotate the drive belt tensioner in a clockwise motion

Slip the belt over the tensioner and make sure it is routed correctly.

Replace the cruise control module.


Start the car and make sure the belt is rotating properly