Borla Cat-Back Exhaust Installation

I installed the system myself using just jackstands and some air tools.  A lift would have come in handy when inserting the exhaust pipe over the rear suspension.  To get the pipe over the suspension, I had to unbolt the rear sway bar to give me enough room to get the pipe through.

Jeremy's Borla Tips

The installation itself took about 3 hours to do (working by myself).  If you decide to do this yourself, here's a couple tips/pointers to make it go as smooth as possible.  First, start by cutting the old exhasut pipe somewhere over the rear suspension.  I also cut the metal bar that holdsthe pipe in the rubber hanger so it wasn't in the way.  Cut the pipe as many times asyou need to get it out.  You can't salvage to old exhaust system, so don't worry about cutting it up.  Why would you want to keep the old exhaust anyway?  Just look at the old muffler vs the new Borla and you will never use that stock thing again.

Borla High Flow Muffler

Once you have the old pipe cut, you can then drop the muffler section out of the rubber hangers.  Once you have the rear section out, you can drop the front resinator section down so you can get to the top bolt that holds it to the catalytic converter.  I was lucky enough to have access to airtools to remove the old rusted bolts.  If you don't have access, you might run into some fun getting those old bolts out.  I suggest WD-40 and lots of muscles...

Once the old bolts are out, you can drop the remaining pieces of the stock exhaust.  Pay special attention to the exhaust gasket on the cat converter.  If you can salvage it, do so.  If not, I talked toPontiac and they said it wasn't necessary to replace.

With the old system out, I noticed about a 1/16" - 1/8" lip where the gasket sat.  In order for the Borla resinator to bolt up, I had to trim the lip down so that it was flush to the plate.  That's wherehaving the sawzall came in handy.  The rest of the install was pretty simple, minus the rear sway bar issue.  But overall, the remaining pieces bolted right up.  A tip for installing the new mufflers in the rubber hangers: use some axel grease or any type of lubricant to help slide the posts into the hangers.

Once everything was installed andcentered, I torqued down the clamps and dropped the car down off the jackstands.  The install took me about 3 hours to complete by myself.  Sure I could have taken it to a muffler shop and had them do it, but there's a certain sense of pride you get when you tackle a job like this yourself.  And most importantly, NOBODY makes modifications to MY car but ME!