Painted Brake Calipers

I got anxious today and decided to paint my brake calipers red to give them a bit of added flair.
I chose to keep my calipers installed and mask off around them. I did take the wheels off to make
this a bit easier on myself. I have heard of people leaving their wheels on and painting around them,
but that just looks like too much work. So I got out the jack and a couple jackstands and took all the wheels off (that way you can paint the next caliper while the others are drying).
While the wheels were off, I gave them a good bath to get all the road gunk off of them. I also went ahead and rotated my tires (why pay someone to do it when they are already off the car). After cleaning and masking, I applied several light coats of high temp engine enamel. Once they were fully covered, I let them dry for a couple hours before remounting the wheels.
I think they turned out pretty good. There were a couple bubble spots, but I'll take care of those when I apply a second coat later on.
Rear Disc Brake Caliper
Paint used:

1200 degree Dupli-Color High Temp Engine Paint (Red).