Casper's Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator
What's included with the kit:
Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator

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Fuel Pressure Gauge

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Brass "T" Adapter

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Tools Needed:
            1/8" Allen wrench
            7/16" Wrench
            2 Adjustable wrenches
            Skinny screwdriver
            Paper towels / rags
            27mm Star socket
            Petroleum Jelly

Installation Time: 
            Approx. 30 minutes

    Keep in mind that you are working with gasoline that is under pressure.  Please use caution to cover hot metal surfaces when removing / installing the regulator.

Removing Stock FPR:
1. Remove test port cap (located in front of alternator)
2. Using a skinny screwdriver with paper towels/rags release the pressure in the fuel rails.
3. With the pressure released, screw on the brass "T" adapter and tighten ** Use Teflon Tape **.
4. Attach the fuel pressure gauge hose to either the top or side port and tighten.  Attach brass cap to remaining port.
5. Remove the vacuum hose off the top of the stock FPR.
6. Using the 27mm star socket, remove the front mounting screw on the fuel pressure regulator.  You may have to push the throttle open to give yourself room.
7. With the screw removed, gently rock the fuel pressure regulator out of the fuel rail.  **Place paper towels under FPR.  Some gas will come out when you remove the FPR.
8. With the FPR remove from the fuel rail, gently pull up on it to give yourself some space to work.  Using the 2 adjustable wrenches, unscrew the fuel supply line from the bottom.
9. Gently work the FPR off the fuel supply line. 
Installing Casper's FPR:
1. Apply a small amount of petroleum jelly to both ends of the FPR before sliding the fuel rail into the bottom of the FPR.
2. Tighten lower retaining nut.  Use caution to avoid cross threading.
3. Insert the other end of the FPR into the fuel rail and reinstall the retaining screw.
4. Do not reinstall the vacuum line to the top of the FPR.
5. Safely mount the fuel pressure gauge somewhere in the engine compartment away from moving parts.  I zip tied mine to my STB
Testing & Adjustment:
1. Turn the key to the "ON" position but do not start the car (this turns on your fuel pump and pressurizes the system).
2. Check all your connections for possible leaks ("T" adapter, pressure gauge, FPR)
3. Go ahead and start the car and check for leaks again.
4. With the vacuum line disconnected, adjust the FPR to your desired fuel pressure  (FYI, stock pressure is 40 PSI.) by using the allen wrench.
5. With the pressure at the desired level, tighten the retaining screw that surrounds the allen stem.
6. Reinstall the vacuum line on top of FPR.
7. Road test and check for leaks.
*** NOTE ***

The pressure that you set the FPR to is at WOT (wide open throttle).  That's why we do it with the vacuum hose off to simulate WOT.   A safe pressure is in the 42-46 PSI range.