Casper's Cooling Fan Override Harness


Cooling Fan Harness Location

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Cooling Fan Relay Mounting

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The Harness Kit Itself

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Route Wire Around Battery

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Grounding Location For Harness

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Positive Lead Connection

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Under Dash Grommet Location

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What is it?
  The Casper's Electronics High Speed Fan Switch is designed not to interfere with PCM control of the High Speed Fans. Three automotive grade sealed relays are included which makes this unit completely weather resistant. OEM connectors at the fan are included as well. This unit, as with all Casper's Electronics products, is entirely plug in. There are NO WIRES TO CUT! An LED indicates the status of the fan control.

Tools Required:
10mm Socket
    7mm Socket
    Center Punch
    1/4" Nut Driver
    Short Flat Blade Screwdriver (For removing OEM connector clip)
    1/8" Drill Bit
    Fish Wire/ 12 or 14 Gauge Solid Wire (For feeding line through grommet on firewall)

Installation Time:
~60 Minutes

1.  With engine off, and cool
    2.  Gently unplug the two connectors from the fan housing (see picture above).  **This may be easier to do from under the car**
    3.  Plug the factory connectors into the harness and the new connectors into the fan housing.
    4.  Using the center punch, mark and drill the holes for mounting the relays.  I did one relay at a time to get the spacing right (see above picture).
    5.  Securely mount the relays to the fender wall in front of the coolant tank (see picture above).
    6.  Safely route the wiring harness in front of the battery and around airbox to the Auxiliary Fuse Box by the driver side strut tower.
    7.  Unbolt the relay that is mounted to the fender wall and reattach with the ground wire (see picture above).
    8.  Using a pair of pliers, remove the plastic retaining clip above the driver foot well area and remove the carpeted panel.
    9.  Using a fish wire, push through the rubber grommet into the engine compartment.  You may need to poke a hole in the rubber with a screwdriver.
    10.  Attach the connector end of the switch wire to your fish line and pull through the fire wall into the engine compartment (see picture above).
    11.  Attach the switch connector to the fan connector on the wiring harness.
    12.  Using a 7mm socket, remove the retaining bolt holding the positive lead to the fuse box. 
    13.  Slip the red wire with ring over the post and replace the bolt (see picture above)
    14.  Drill and mount the switch and LED in the engine compartment. You may need to cut the leads  on the LED to mount the LED.  Just solder or crimp
           the wires back together and wrap with electrical tape.

Operation Instructions:
It's fairly straight forward.   When you turn the switch on, the LED will start to flash.  ***YOU CANNOT CHANGE THE LED*** if you try and put a different LED on the switch, it will burn up.   ***Keep in mind that this harness will run without the key in the ignition, so you have the potential of leaving it running and causing a dead battery.  A safe running time on battery alone would be no more than 15-20 minutes.