Casper's TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) Enhancer


Casper's Throttle Position Sensor Enhancer
Casper's Throttle Position Sensor Enhansor
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Throttle Position Sensor Connector
Throttle Position Sensor Connection
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Throttle Position Sensor Location
Throttle Position Sensor Location
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What is it?
A TPS Enhancer is an inline device that overrides the computer signal that is sent to your computer when you accelerate.  When you accellerate with the TPS installed, when your throttle position reaches 70%, the sensor overrides the signal and tricks the computer into thinking your at 100% and opens your throttle to WOT (Wide Open Throttle).  What does this accomplish?  An end result is quicker throttle response and off the line power.  At first I was skeptical about this mod, but after testing with it on and off my car, you can tell a difference when the enhancer takes over.

Tools Required:

Installation Time:
5 Minutes

1.  With engine off, locate throttle position sensor connector (See pictures above for detailed location information)
    2.  Gently unplug the connector from the sensor.
    3.  Plug factory connector into the red end of the TPS ENC, making sure to line up pins.
    4.  Plug the other end of the harnes into the TPS Sensor.
    5.  Securely mount TPS in engine compartment.  I zip tied mine to the vacuum hose just above the sensor.
    6.  Test sensor by starting car.  With the engine at idle, the RED led should be litup.  When throttle  is at 70%, green led will lightup.

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