Fuel Pressure Gauge Installation

(Phantom Fuel Pressure)

To install a fuel pressure gauge you will first need to purchase one. These can be purchased from most speed shops or Jegs.com. The type of gauge is irrelevant.
The easiest way to install this gauge is to already have the Caspers Adjustable Fuel Pressure regulator kit (from PFYC.com) since it comes with the needed fuel pressure hose.  All I did to install my Autometer gauge was start by removing the pressure gauge that is attached to the end of the Casper's AFPR kit and screw on the sending unit that is included with the Autometer kit.  The only thing needed here is some Teflon tape for the threads.

The gauge comes with everything needed for installation including the isolation board.  The lines that run from the sending unit & gauge all connect to the block.  Installation is as easy as matching wire colors. 

All that's left to do is supply a 12+ and ground to the box and tie the gauge lamp to the dimmer circuit   and you're all set. 

Click here for gauge lighting instructions

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Fuse Box

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Ground Location

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