Gutter Guard Grill Inserts
These are very inexpensive to purchase and even easier to make. 
Tools Needed:
  • 1 piece aluminum GutterGuard grill mesh
  • wire snips
  • utility knife
  • hot glue gun
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Sharpie marker
  • can of spray paint (not necessary, but puts a nice finish on the aluminum). color can vary
Here's what the Gutter Guard sheets look like from the store:

grillmesh.jpg (58962 bytes)

1 piece will be more than enough to do the front "Ram Air" intakes.
Additional sheets will be necessary for the lower section

After removing the "RAM AIR By PONTIAC" plastic shroud, you should able to access the two retainer pins that hold each grill in place.

Pry these out using the screwdriver.  Keep in mind that these are a pain to get out.


With the pins removed you can the pop out the silver trim rings

Line up the trim rings on one of the edges of the gutter guard and mark the approximate length & width that you will need with the marker.  Trim the smaller piece from the large mesh sheet.

Since we are gluing the mesh to the back of the trim rings, there is some extra plastic on the back of the trim rings that will need to be shaved off.   Carefully use the utility knife to trim them flush.

With the surface flat, lay the mesh piece on the back of the trim ring and mark where you will need to notch for the retaining clips.  With the notches cut out, mark the remaining shape of the trim ring making sure there is enough mesh left on the back so you have something to glue to.


At this point the mesh is ready to be painted (if needed).  Since I'm going with silver and the mesh is an unfinished aluminum finish, I opted to glue the mesh to the trim ring and then paint everything at once.  If you are going with a different color, this is the easiest time to paint the mesh.

After a couple coats of silver paint on the mesh & rings and several coats of Clearcoat, I let the rings dry overnight.  I also opted to paint the black retainer pins silver to give a uniform look to the installation

paintedpins.jpg (8120 bytes)


Here's what the retainer pins look like installed after painting

All that is left to do is reinstall the new trim rings and replace the "RAM AIR By PONTIAC" shroud and you are all set to go.