Intake Air Temp Override
It's a little known racing tip that you can unplug your IAT sensor and you will trick the onboard computer into thinking that it's 32 degrees out (creating a rich fuel mixture).  The downside of unplugging the sensor is the PCM realizes that there is no signal returning from the IAT sensor and will cause a SVS light to come on.  There's a cheap (I mean dirt cheap) way of overriding the sensor and you won't get a SVS light.  SLP Engineering has an override kit for the Grand Am (which they sell online for $25.00), the part we have listed here is less that 25.  Using an ohm meter we determined that the resistance going through the sensor was 3.3Kohm when the outside temperature was about 45-50 degrees.  So the resistor acts as a jumper and returns a 3.3Kohm load to the ECM (bypassing the sensor itself).  Returning the 3.3Kohm will cause the ECM to look up the optimal air/fuel mixture for that temperature (when it's warmer outside, this will cause a rich air fuel mixture).  A rich fuel mixture will help eliminate any potential detonation.
This is all you need:
                                    1   3.3Kohm resistor (orange,orange,red,gold) (available at Radio Shack for   $.50) 

1.  Locate the IAT (Intake Air Temp) Sensor located on the back side of the rubber boot between your throttle body and your MAF housing and unplug it.

2.  With the IAT harness unplugged bend the resistor into a "U" shape and insert the plug into the two sockets on the harness.

3.  With the resistor snug in the harness, just tape up the harness with electrical tape.  Make sure it's sealed really well so water doesn't get in the harness.

4.  You're done.  You'll want to put a piece of tape over the IAT sensor to ensure no water gets into the sensor or intake air tube.