Underhood "GT" Stencil

I accomplished this little detail by making a charcoal etching of the side GT badge.  I then cleaned up the logo and scanned it into my computer.  Using Paintshop Pro, I enlarged the logo to about 4" x 13".  I then printed out the logo on a legal sheet of paper and transferred the logo to a shirt box top.  Once the logo was on the shirt box top, I cut out the design leaving a perfect stencil.  After removing the hoodpad and applying several coats of flat black spray paint to give it a fresh color, I centered the stencil and applied several light coats of silver spray paint.

After the paint had setup, I removed the stencil and made some small overspray touchups on the pad.  Once the pad was completely dry,I reinstalled the hood pad.  Before I reinstalled the pad, I gave the plastic tabs a quick paint job to match the mat.  I think the pad turned out really well.  I thought about going bigger with the GT, but there are a lot of curves on the hoodpad that would make it really difficult to do a quality job.