Voltage Gauge Installation

Installing a voltage gauge can serve many functions.  If you are running a lot of stereo equipment, this gauge will allow you to keep tabs on how your battery/alternator are running.  It can also give you a heads up warning if your alternator is starting to go.  If you installed the Casper's Electronics cooling fan harness, this gauge is vital to making sure you don't come back to a dead battery.  The Autometer voltage gauges can be picked up at most speed shops or through PartsForYourCar.Com
You will need to decide the location to mount the gauge, but an A-pillar gauge mount is available as a professional location to mount two gauges. PartsForYourCar.com has a 2 & 3 gauge pod available for your 99+ Grand Am (will also fit Alero's)

Installation is very simple.  All you need is a 12 volt switched supply, a solid ground and a variable (dimmer) lead for the lights. 

Click here for gauge lighting instructions


After connecting the wires for the backlight, all that remains for the install is to supply the gauge with a switched 12volt supply and a solid ground.  I chose to ground mine to a chassis bolt located just inside the fuse box. And the 12 volt switched circuit for my trans temp gauge.

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Fuse Box

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Ground Location

Pictured below is a copy of the wiring diagram for the Autometer Voltage Gauge:

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